A Taste of Cellular Bodies

Ella Yolande

A Taste of Cellular Bodies explores how our taste cells might interact with surrounding microbes to pass on embodied knowledge of flourishing in harmony with the non human. It takes the form of edible taste receptor mini sculptures as a chocolate box set, with an accompanying graphic and text piece that considers a speculative state where the process of cellular adaptation and renewal has sped up. By tasting our environment and ingesting the organic matter and microbes around us, this work questions how our bodies might shift and morph on a cellular level in reaction to the taste of earth, algae or seeds. By engaging with our senses in contemplate ways, we can map the non human cells within and surrounding our own body and explore how all cellular body systems are connected.


Ella Yolande is a multimedia British artist. By looking at ecological systems she uses digital and physical processes to create surreal biomes and reimagine relationships between, and with non human worlds.

Through exploring metamorphic states, interspecies entanglements and what we might learn from the fluidity of plants and non-human organisms, she invites people to consider climate urgencies, our interwoven existence with our surroundings and to stimulate playful thinking on imaginary and speculative realities.