Dominic Smith

A zine is a self published creative work in book format. It is intended to have a relatively small circulation and follow a Do It Yourself (DIY) aesthetic. We purposely chose to track, share and record our engagement with diverse communities in the zine format. We wanted to produce collectable, lasting material that could be printed and shared with our participants and others interested in exploring the Human Cell Atlas project.

Throughout One Cell At A Time, artist Dominic Smith has been present at many of the artist’s public workshops, watching, listening and capturing activity as it happens. As engagement activity moved online, participants presented themselves in virtual workshops within small boxes and discussions became linear. Inspired by the way the virtual interfaces we are now using to communicate force us into manageable, flat geometries, Dominic began exploring the early experiments of 19th century art and design, namely Bauhaus, Constructivism and the School of Paris. This was a time when artists were developing a new visual literacy to help us understand and communicate the rapid changes that were happening in society as a result of the growth of modern industry. Through this process he has succeeded in evolving a graphical identity that combines the bold shapes of constructivism with the accessible feel of a zine.


​​Dominic Smith’s practice reflects an interest in the collaborative nature of narrative and lens based practices, digital platforms and hybrid digital material culture. Recent work has involved a return to analogue, chemical photography and alternative distribution practices such as zines and affordable print editions, fusing contemporary digital practices with historical photographic methods. Dominic also has a wealth of experience as a curator, event facilitator and producer.


Thank you to all of the One Cell At A Time artists for their adventurous spirit.

Thank you to all workshop participants for allowing me to capture their thoughts and work

But a special thank you to the Once Cell At A Time producers for doing the groundwork that made this possible,Justine Boussard, Cathrin Poppensieker, Fusion Arts and Matt Burman, Cambridge Junction.