Shared Emotion

Alistair MacDonald

Donating cells though the Internet is not yet possible, but donating our emotional feelings is. This visual and interactive artwork allows visitors to submit how they are feeling, and see their emotions translated into a colourful digital ‘cell’. Shared Emotion invites viewers from around the world to participate in a shared, interactive experience. Once an emotion is selected (happiness, sadness, stressed, angry, upset and scared) and submitted, the virtually ‘donated cells’ float out into the void of the Internet. All shared emotions will be seen by anyone else viewing the work in real time, allowing visitors to explore each other’s emotions from around the world.


Alistair MacDonald is a maker who works in both physical and virtual space. His focus is primarily on user experience and wanting to both entertain and educate the participant. He is a former software developer who often brings these skills to his work.


Twitter: @alistair